Hope to see you at Everybody’s Birdmart in Pomona, CA this upcoming Sunday! We’ll be selling some of your favorite supplement brands such as MorningBird, Nekton, Avitech, Medpet, and many more. Adult admission is $10 (children aged 11 or younger enter for free).

Season Reminders- July, 2016

Article by: Greg McKnight Anaheim, California USA Email: gregmcknight92804@msn.com Bring the outside in, which in this case would be minerals, grits, pick stone, vegetables, carrot corn, mineral salts and such.   Modified light system is used! Reminder, if you haven’t already, please vaccinate for PMV & POX. I know currently in America both products are […]

Rambling Memories- August, 2015

“CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS” By: Greg McKnight Anaheim, California USA Selection is always a topic for criticism; let’s discuss muscles on the birds. Most fanciers need to feel the elasticity or suppleness to develop the feel needed to select the good ones. Now if you’re a person who works with his hands like a carpenter, plumber, mason […]