Season Reminders for July 7/4/2014

Many of the below reminders are based upon racing starting in early September so please adjust your schedule accordingly!

Modified light system is used! Reminder if not already please vaccinate for PMV & Pox.

With this being one of the hottest months I would pull flights and shut them down. Remember when pulling flights you don’t have to pre cut before pulling. Crate them up get them excited and hot then pull the flights straight out not on an angle that could cause damage to the follicle. Temperature of a normal pigeon is 108 degrees, so by crating them on a hot day this helps the blood move quicker and easier to pull flights. Usually pull the last flights 9th & 10th. After this return them to the loft and let them get accustom to flying up to the perch with only 8 flights. Optional tail feathers can be pulled. I do this by pulling ever other one (Alternate) and then when 3/4ths of the new flights are grown out I pull the other 6 tail feathers. You now will shut them down for a month to grow in the new feathers.
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