A nutritional aid in the management of disease conditions in pigeons where the immune system is compromised (e.g. Circo virus, Adeno virus (Young Bird Diarrhoea) and Paramyxo virus). For maintenance of a healthy immune system. Also a potent immune activator and anti-oxidant.

– Beta 1,3 Glucan

B-Carotene 10%

Calcium Ascorbate

Grape seed extract 95%

Grapfruit seed extract 95%

Dosage: Pigeons: 1 tablet per pigeon (with average body weight of 400-500g)

OR for Cagebirds: Quarter (1/4) tablet per 100g bodyweight

Size: 100ct


For the treatment of Tapeworm in pigeons. A depurative and purge to reduce internal fat in pigeons.

Ingredients (each tablet contains):
– Dichlorophen 125 mg

Available sizes: 100 tablets



* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

CA-DOG (Medpet)

Properties :

– Ca-Dog is specially formulated to supply readily available calcium, related minerals and selected vitamins when required.
– For the addition to the normal diet of lactating animals where the demand for calcium is greater.
– As an aid in the treatment of veterinary diagnosed calcium deficiencies.
– Vitamin A and D are essential for the handling and absorption of calcium in the body.

Ingredients: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Vit A, Vit D, Vit C, Yeast

CA:P Ratio = 1,65:1


Sprinkle 1-2 tsp (5g) on food daily

Increase the dose for pregnant or lactating bitches. Halve the dose for pups.

Not recommended for cats.

Available Sizes: 250g/500g

MEDIMUNE 30 tablets (Medpet)

A nutritional aid in the management of disease conditions where the immune system is compromised.

Properties :
– An aid in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.
– Potent immune activator and anti-oxidant.
– Contains Beta Glucan – a powerful immune stimulant.
– An excellent aid in the long term management of Chronic immune compromised diseases such as Feline Aids, Snuffles in cats, and Chronic Pyoderma in dogs.

RONSEC (Medpet)

For the treatment of canker. 50 tablets.

Ronidazole 25%
Secnidazole 25%

Dose: 1 tablet per pigeon on a full crop. Skip one day and repeat again on the third day.


An aid in stimulating fertility and body condition in cocks. Easy to dose, high potency Vitamin E tablet. Invaluable aid to stimulate fertility in old cocks. Stimulates maximum performance and fast recovery after races.

Ingredients (each tablet contains):
– Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) 150 mg
– Creatine 50 mg
– Magnesium Sulphate (Mg) 5 mg

Directions for use:
As an aid in increasing fertility: Dose 1 tablet to infertile cocks for 5 days continuously and then 3 times a week during the breeding season.

As an aid in enhancing body condition or racing performance: Dose 1 tablet per pigeon for 7 days before the show or dose 1 tablet per pigeon for 3 days before a race.

Size: 50 ct bottle


Una combinacion espicifica de megavitaminas para estimular el sistema fertilidad en las cocks.

Uno pastilla por paloma de esteril por cinco dias consecutivos y entonces 3 veces a la semana durante “breeding season”.


A broad spectrum deworming powder for cage and aviary birds. Highly effective against Roundworm, Hairworm and Tapeworm.

Extremely safe, causes no regurgitation and is very economical. Easy dosing instructions. Mediworm is the golden standard in routine deworming.

. Pyrantel Pamoate 50mg/5g
. Praziquantel 10mg/5g

Dosage and Administration:
. To be mixed with the soft food or seed; special base makes it easy to mix and palatable.
. May be used in the breeding season.
. Not water soluble.

Available Sizes; 100g OR 250g





* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

VITA-KELP (Medpet)

Mineral and vitamin supplement with Kelp and Spirulina.

Properties :
– Specially formulated to supply readily available vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
– Essential for normal growth, health, appearance, condition, reproduction and longevity in dogs and cats.
– Amino-acids are for nitrogen balance, reproduction and growth.

Benefits of Kelp: Kelp is a natural conditioner and tonic, rich in organic and inorganic iodine regulating the animalメs metabolism.

Benefits of Spirulina: Excellent natural source of trace elements and essential minerals. Rich in Beta-Carotene (Natureメs Vitamin A). Contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids for healthy, shiny coats.

Available sizes: 250g and 500g

DOXYDOG Tablets (Medpet)

Sugar coated Doxycycline tablet for the treatment of tickborne bacteria Canine Ehrlichea, and other Doxycycline susceptible bacteria.

Contains:  Doxycycline Hyclate

– Small sized, rounded tablets for easy dosing
– Sugar coating eliminates nausea often seen when using capsules
– Extremely economical
– Very safe with minimal side-effects
– Doxycycline reaches very high tissue levels in skin, prostate and lungs
– The product of choice for Ehrlichiosis, Tracheobronchites syndrome (kennel cough), Campylobacter enteritis, Leptospirosis, Nephrites and prostatites*, Staph aureus pyoderma*, and E.coli enteritis* (* when dealing with Doxycycline susceptible bacteria.)

Available Sizes: 50mg x 100 tablets OR 100mg x 100 tablets OR 300mg x 50 tablets


* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *


Oral antibiotic (Doxycycline) syrup for cats and small dogs.

Contains: 10mg/mL Doxycycline Hyclate

– Ultra broad spectrum antibiotic make it the product of choice for treating モsnufflesï¾” in cats.
– Palatable syrup makes it easy to dose in cats and small dogs.
– May be mixed with food.
– Special formulation reduces vomition associated with doxycycline capsules.
– Safe to use for extended periods when treating chronic conditions such as Haemobartonella, Campylobacter, Staph aureus, Pyodermas, Osteomielites and Prostatites.

Size: 25mL bottle



* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *