Preventing PMV-1 with Lasota Vaccine

While PMV-1 Vaccine continues to be unavailable in the US legally, other temporary protection is available. We once again have Lasota Vaccine in stock! Order HERE
A recent journal article compared the effectiveness of treating Pigeon PMV with the Newcastle Vaccine available for chickens (ND Vaccine), compared against a local PMV-1 Vaccine, and a control group receiving no vaccine. 
The results show while the PMV-1 vaccine offered 100% protection/survivability to the virus, the ND Vaccine offered a more rapid and higher titer/immune response. ND vaccinated birds did receive protection to the PMV virus temporarily, with greatest protection around 2 months, and antibodies persisting for at least 6 months. ND vaccinate birds showed PMV antibody titers decreasing gradually to their lowest titers by the 12th month.
It was found that the ND Vaccine resulted in 50% survivability of birds challenged by the virus. In comparison, non-vaccinated birds experienced only a 10% survivability rate against PMV-1.
In summary- while the Newcastle Vaccine only offers temporary protection for our pigeons, the titer/immune response is rapid and does protect pigeons against PMV-1 for at least 4-6 months. Although the survivability rate when using Newcastle Vaccine is only 50%, this still offers our birds an additional 40% chance of surviving  (given the lack of PMV-1 specific vaccines on the market) compared to the non-vaccinated survival rate.

We hope to see a PMV-1 vaccine back in the US market soon, as racing and show pigeons are in dire need of protection. Furthermore, our unvaccinated birds pose a risk to other poultry throughout the country! Keep your birds healthy with oregano or apple cider vinegar in the water, as well as the occasional treatment of medicine a few times throughout the year. Healthy birds are less likely to be susceptible to viruses and more likely to survive the challenge. Additionally, until a PMV-1 vaccine is once again available, treat your birds with the Newcastle Vaccine (LaSota strain), and rest easier knowing you are giving your birds a fighting chance.

See the journal article here:

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